Adventure Boot Camp for Women

Healthwise South Africa is happy to offer our female staff members an Exclusive 20% Discount at any Adventure Boot Camp across the country!

Your 20% Discount is valid for all 12 and 20 session camps (3 or 5 sessions per week) and will be paid through wage deduction to make sign-ups even easier!!

ABC is a fun and invigorating outdoor exercise programme for women. No day is the same and ladies get a full body workout in a beautiful environment, enabling them to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals that much easier. 

Camp takes place for an hour a day, in the morning or early evening, with the option of attending 12 or 20 sessions (3 or 5 days a week) over four weeks. There are camps on almost every doorstep nationwide and each camp is run by highly qualified and passionate fitness trainers, year round.

How to Qualify for your 20% Discount

  1. Sign in to the Adventure Boot Camp website [HERE] to find your nearest camp
  2. Use your company email address ( @flightcentre/ @studentflights/ @corporatetraveller etc) to register
  3. Quote "Flight Centre Employee" in the Notes section of the registration form
  4. Get Training!

You will receive a registration confirmation from ABC HQ but do not need to pay anything- all the payments will be made from HQ and added to your wage deductions.

Prices differ slightly depending on the location because of the facilities offered (bathrooms, showers etc); Below is a variable cost of the 12 and 20 sessions camps, and most locations will only vary slightly from the following prices.


12 session camps cost:                 20 session camps cost:

Normal Price: R630                           Normal Price: R720

Discounted Price: R504                  Discounted Price: R576


All Female employees are able to attend any of the Adventure Boot Camp locations nationwide so Sign up now and get training!!!

Still Unsure?

Try out a FREE session at any of the Adventure Boot Camp locations before to decide! Download your Free Class voucher [HERE]